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Date Posted : 9/6/13



Job Description

Dis-Tran Steel in Pineville, LA is currently hiring Welders. Welders at Dis-Tran Steel must be capable of performing all welds needed on our structures and must understand instructions given in regard to such welds. Employee must be able to perform duties with as much speed as possible with as little re-work as possible in order to produce a quality product and keep a steady flow of products through the shop.

Candidate must be able to pass a welding test of the following requirements:


Wire: 80CNi1 (1/16")

Gas: 98% argon, 2% oxygen


V groove test:

Thickness: 1" plate

Backing bar

Position: flat

Technique: push

Bead: stringer

This test is visually inspected for any lack of fusion, undercut, or porosity that would be visible. If found to be visually acceptable, the test is the sent off for X-ray.


Job Requirements

Must be able to work closely with Quality Control to ensure a quality product. Must possess good communication skills, basic math, and the ability to read shop drawings.


Please apply via our website, 

For more information, please call 318-767-5518.

Who is Dis-Tran Steel, LLC?

DIS-TRAN Steel, LLC has been providing the utility industry transmission and substation steel structures for over 45 years. These structures include tapered tubular poles, wide flange, square tube, and lattice structures. Our specialty is providing outstanding customer service, flexible scheduling for quick turn projects, and the highest quality product for our customers. We are the ELITE substation and transmission steel supplier.

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